Nachtschade aftermath / Sweet Dreams

Last Saturday


it was our first gig in Groningen at Nachtschade. We where looking forward to this gig because it was quite a while ago
since we did a live show. We played together with 2 other bands: Benjamin’sPlague andĀ Jeepsterious. The kick off was by Jeepsterious, we where second in line. As usual we took our fancy lightshow with us and our fognachtschade2machines! The crowd was really awesome and we had a really great time. It was also the first time we played “Human or Machine” and the crowd went wild when we played that song! Thank you Groningen, we had a great evening!

Second news

is I am currently working on the master of our cover Sweet Dreams. We have played this song a couple of times live but I felt the need to mix and master it again. I have grown with my skills so I thought it was a necessary thing. We will share the master soon on SoundCloud! So keep your eyes on the Evil Goat Riders šŸ˜‰



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