Making progress

mixing-stageWow, time really flies! I thought, I recently posted an update but that’s already more than 1 month ago. After our laptop has been stolen we bought a new one. Too bad Apple is so freaking expensive but we are up and running again!

Anyway, I’d like to give you an update about the progress of our third album. At this moment of writing we have finished 2 songs (mixing stage). We have create a new version of Do It Again (which we play live) and finished the song Human or Machine.

We are planning to release the song Human or Machine as a single, including 2 remixes of the song. One remix is already finished and the last one is in progress. We will release the single on Bandcamp.

Other news: one gig is planned this year and a second is still not sure. Our focus is first to finish our 3rd album and then planning more gigs.



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