A lot of stuff is gone ….


Yesterday we went shopping and I left the laptop in our car (like I did before). I putted a small blanket over the bag. We went inside the store and after a cetrain time someone asked the driver of a white Renault to go outside to the parkinglot as soon as possible. She also said the license plate of the car. My first reaction was, hmmm that could be our car. I checked my license plate, and it was indeed our car…. My first reaction was, well maybe we should first pay our stuff but after a couple of seconds my feelings turned. We ran outside the store and went to the parking lot. What I thought was true, those freaking basterds broke into our car! They stole the laptop with all our music, the laptop of our daughter and her phone…

The police was already there and finished the statement of the burglary.

Today I called the insurance company. Well, I’m not happy with them either. We can get at max 250 euro back.

I hope the police will get those assholes but I’m affraight they won’t.

What this burglary means for the Evil Goat Riders quite a lot of music is gone. Some stuff I restore due a backup but not all the stuff. Also I need to setup our temp laptop for all the plugin etc. so I can continue with creating and finishing songs.

Mood: freaking said and devisated.




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